About Us

Our Mission

HIFI Supplements was started to provide people with a wellness option that included legal industrial hemp derived CBD. We feel there are major gains (no pun intended) to be had using CBD in your daily life. From chronic pain to competing in a triathlon, your body needs attention! We believe any pain should be able to be manageable without the potential risk to cause a chemical dependency. By using formulations we have tested, not only is accuracy important, but so is performance. HIFI Supplements tailors signature products specific to body wellness.

HIFI Supplements doesn't feel that a massive amount of ingredients are needed to make sure the human body wellness structure is in homeostasis. We like to say that every product, "has everything you need, and nothing you don't." HIFI Supplements is here to educate people on the benefits of using legal USA-grown and processed industrial hemp-derived CBD. Being informed about what goes into your body reveals a sense of interpersonal tranquility, allowing you to nourish the mind, body, and soul.